Best Wishes Poem

Giving a birthday greeting is the most beautiful gift I’ve ever feel, because only the people greeting the very care about us. When my birthday there are some friends who willing to wait at 12.00 just to give a congratulatory birthday year to me and they always want the first. When at that time I felt very precious in this world. Make a poem to friends, relatives, brothers, boyfriends when their birthday because it would strengthen your relationship. Make a list of the it is the birthday of your friends.

birthday love poems

If you already married remember the anniversary and birthday husband / wife. Poem in a birthday is the most beautiful gift given to them that are repeated year. So many kinds of depends on what the theme of the poem is made. If his birthday is your lover then the poem must contain a romance, but if birthday is the father / mother you love the poem should contain the love of a child to his parents. Should be separated and appropriate with the birthday theme and do not forget age is also very affect the poem.

birthday wishes anniversary