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Some Useful Tips to Make a Funny Birthday Rhymes

Sunday, November 17th, 2013

Funny Birthday Rhymes

As a birthday is a special and joyful occasion, everybody deserves to feel happy. For everyone, birthday becomes a more wonderful day when the closest persons showing their cares and treating she/he well. It is not about how many gifts they receive or how expensive are the gifts. It is more about the way we care them.

 What to give as a birthday gift?

Birthday greeting or saying sometimes is more meaningful than other gift, especially, if we make the greeting all by ourselves. It can show more cares and loves for the person we give the greeting. If you have a humorous family member, friend or lover, the best way to celebrate her/his birthday is to make a funny greeting. It will hit them more when the greeting is the form of birthday rhymes. Every people love rhymes. There is no reason for them for not being impressed. However, not all people can make rhymes. These are some tips to make a funny birthday rhymes.

The very first thing to do is to write down the birthday person’s characteristics. The next this is to jot down all of our ideas into more specific ideas. If the birthday rhyme is about the birthday person, it shows that we think much about her/him. We can use her/his hobbies, interests, age, occupation, all the memorable thing we shared with her/him and etc to be put in the rhymes we made. Use the most possible things which can make the birthday person laughs.

However, the challenge is in how to make it rhymes. It is not an easy thing to make verse ended with similar sound. The easiest and most common words are cool, fool, said, red, fog, frog and many other words with resemble sound. That is why writing down all things about the birthday person can give you help. We can put all the things about the person on the second line of each verse. For the first line, we may just use any word with similar sound. No need to force ourselves to find word which is also related to the person.

The next tips to make a funny birthday rhymes are to take a look on some example from website to get more inspiration. Since not all people can write funny things, our birthday rhymes may not sound funny for other people. However, no need to worry because the birthday person will appreciate it no matter what.