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1st Birthday Cake

Wednesday, July 25th, 2012

The first anniversary is something very special. The most important thing for parents, who usually celebrates first anniversary with a special, it is time to find a birthday cake designs, suitable for children aged 1 year. Bake the cake and cover it in a roll of white icing. Adorned in the colors of your choice. Usually pink for girls or blue for boys. You can write their name on the cake.

1st birthday cake boy

1st birthday cupcake cake

Celebrating your child’s 1st birthday is one of the most special and memorable events in the life of every parent. 1 Birthday cakes do not have to be expensive and can be designed in house to reflect the character of your child. To make the cake you do not have the quality to be a trained professional chef. Simple ideas and fun to work well for creating something to be proud of. Determine the type / theme of cake you want and choose your cake, frosting and filling flavors before. Be sure to order your first birthday cake at least a week earlier.

1st birthday princess cakes

1st birthday smash cake

Do not forget to plan the baby’s first birthday party can be very enjoyable. Everyone knows that the first birthday is a major milestone in your baby’s life so of course you want to plan the perfect party to mark the occasion. Start by Selecting a Theme, if you will be the theme for the party, chooses it should be the first thing you do because it can affect many decisions you will make.

baby 1st birthday cake

First birthday butterfly cake