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Personal Funny Birthday Sayings for Sister

Sunday, November 17th, 2013

Birthday Sayings for Sister

Having sister is one of wonderful things in this world. Set aside the quarrels over simple things, sister is the person who is always be with us. It is another blessing when our sister is the person who can understand and support us. Older sister can be our mentors, and younger sister can be our protégé whom we need to protect. Sister can always be our best friend.

Showing cares for our sisters

Sister’s birthday is one moment when we can show our gratitude for having a sister like her in our life. Instead of luxurious and expensive gift, we can do other thing which can make them feel special and express how much we love her. The gift can be in the form of birthday saying or birthday quotes on a birthday cards. The birthday saying does not need to be long. With short yet meaningful birthday saying, we can express our cares for her. If you do not want to write a too emotional message, we can give funny birthday sayings for sister. Funny birthday sayings can be a great gift for everyone. If you decide to make the funny one, there are some tips for you.

Funny Birthday Sayings for Sister

How to make funny birthday sayings

There are many funny birthday sayings for sister provided on the internet. We can choose one which is the most suitable for our sister. The long or the short one, we can just take it from the websites that provide birthday greetings and saying. However, the personal birthday saying that me made by ourselves will be much more meaningful. It can show that we really think about and pay attention to her.

Although it is a funny birthday sayings for sister, we can make it full of meaning. Make the list of possible things which can make them laugh. Write down all the things about our sister and all the times we spent together with them. Jot them down and find the most special and funniest thing or event with our sister.

Personal Funny Birthday Sayings for Sister

We can make a joke from unique thing, characteristic or event about her, but make sure not to make a joke from the things which can make her upset or hurts. One of the things which can make women upset is about age, so it is better not to use her age to make joke.

Once we find the most funny and special moment, we just need to write the birthday sayings