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Christmas Specials of Social Media

Wednesday, December 4th, 2013

Cartoon Santa for Christmas

Current era of modern technology is favored and enjoyed by all parties. Soon we will celebrate Christmas, Christmas cards seem to still have a special impression. The personal touch is not easily replaced by instant messaging like sms or electronic card. Now social media users like facebook around the world can send Christmas cards them directly from the social network. Services Postman dubbed this is not available for free. Yes, of course you have to pay for the card itself, because it not electronic card services. Cards designed by Hallmark are priced at $ 1.3, while average cost of $ 1.03 postage.

Cartoon Santa

First of all you have to do is registering an account and fill in your payment details. After that you just follow the 4 steps below to get a Christmas card that you want.

  1. select a card
  2. designing cards with a message and image
  3. select recipients
  4. confirm the order

This project established in cooperation with the company’s advertising Dentsu and the Japanese Postal Service. The two companies created a service that allows users facebook for preparing and sending Christmas cards to anyone they want.

Special Christmas

 Currently Google has been doing well; this time Google has released, unique way to delight your little one with a personal phone from Santa directly. By answering a number of questions about the person or the receiver and gave her phone number on Google, Santa will surprise them with a Christmas greeting over the phone. Google apparently not satisfied to be here, they bring a new service that is not less interesting. Google will enliven the Christmas with personalized videos of cartoon Santa.